3. ISMS102 Practice Exams, Vol. 1

SKU PAISMS102.1. Ensure your success with certification exam #ISMS102. This subscription provides 30 days of access to Volume 1 practice exams for certification exam #ISMS102. (In English)
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exam_pass_guaranteeISMS102 Practice Exams, Volume 1 of 2 (120 Questions)

Exam modules included:


  • Set 1 (23 Questions)
  • Set 2 (55 Questions)
  • Set 3 (42 Questions)
  • Comprehensive Final Assessment (120 Questions)
Content Areas



Core ISO 27001 and 27002 best practices relating to:

  • ISO 27001 General Questions

  • ISO 27001 Appendix A.5 (Security policy)

  • ISO 27001 Appendix A.6 (Organization of information security)

  • ISO 27001 Appendix A.7 (Asset management)

  • ISO 27001 Appendix A.8 (Human resources security)

  • ISO 27001 Appendix A.9 (Physical and environmental security)

  • ISO 27001 Appendix A.10 (Communications and operations management)

  • ISO 27001 Appendix A.11 (Access control)

  • ISO 27001 Appendix A.12 (Information systems acquisition, development and maintenance)

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