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2024 CISSP SuperReview (180 Days)

SKU CISSP 180-Day Subscription to Allen Keele's online training for (ISC)²'s CISSP certification examination. As this is a subscription-based course, no permanent download of course materials is provided.
CISSP Exam Training
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Terms of Service:
Unlimited utilization of this course is provided for a single user for 180 days in duration from the time of purchase according to the terms of Certified Information Security's End-User License Agreement. The subscription expires 180 days after purchase, regardless of when you actually begin utilizing the training. Subscription time is not banked, and cannot be "frozen", deferred, or re-scheduled. As this is a subscription-based course, no permanent download of course materials is provided.

2024 CISSP Certification Exam Training

Developed and narrated by noted exam prep author Allen Keele, this new online training will provide you with the same proven quality, methodology, and success thousands of exam candidates have benefited from since 2006. This training addresses (ISC)2 exam objectives. With this web-based training, you will have 24x7 access to the most recognized and qualified CISSP preparation in the world.  


Check Prepare with the expert. Custom prepared and narrated by the world's leading (ISC)2 exam prep expert and authorAllen Keele. Updated twice yearly.
Check Always current. The online course is updated twice yearly, so you will always have the latest content. When you have an active subscription to Allen Keele's CISSP SuperReview, you're course is always automatically updated to the latest content as it becomes available. This course has been fully updated to the latest exam objectives.
Check Get one-on-one exam coaching videoconference time with the course author! This CISSP SuperReview even includes a private exam coaching session the course author, CISSP certification expert Allen Keele ($250.00 value).
Check Over 1,300 slides of narrated course content + 8 mock timed certification exams with over 1,200 total unique practice questions!
Check Guaranteed with no conditions. Free extra 6-month extension if you don't pass your exam during the first 6-months - even if you never completed your course first! Learn more
Check 6-Month subscription of unlimited access and use (even after completion of course).
Check Practice exams are integrated throughout course with over 1,200 unique questions plus 8 Comprehensive 150-question timed exam simulations for final preparation. Study and practice are combined for maximum effect.
Check Precision streamlined to the exam. No time wasted in learning content not on the exam. 
Check No additional study material required. 
Check CPE Certificate. Signed certificate awarding 40 CPE credits available upon full course completion.
Check Demo ButtonTry a real course lesson now! No registration required. 


CISSP Course Contents

This CISSP course has been custom designed and published by the world's leading (ISC)examination certification preparation expert and author, Allen Keele. It is streamlined to focus ONLY on the exam-related information you need, so every minute you have to invest in preparation will be used efficiently. Its special structure and presentation have been proven to take the guesswork out of your preparation. There is simply no faster way to prepare for your examination. Content thoroughly covers the latest exam objectives in all eight exam domains, plus a bonus course module covering topics on the real exam that are not in any of (ISC)²'s stated exam objectives! Eight comprehensive 150-question mock exams are also included.


  1. Security and Risk Management
  2. Asset Security
  3. Security Architecture and Engineering
  4. Communication and Network Security
  5. Identity and Access Management
  6. Security Assessment and Testing
  7. Security Operations
  8. Software Development Security


Timed Mock Certification Exams

  1. Mock Exam 1 - 150 unique questions
  2. Mock Exam 2 - 150 unique questions
  3. Mock Exam 3 - 150 unique questions
  4. Mock Exam 4 - 150 unique questions
  5. Mock Exam 5 - 150 unique questions
  6. Mock Exam 6 - 150 unique questions
  7. Mock Exam 7 - 150 unique questions
  8. Mock Exam 8 - 150 unique questions


Upon successful course completion, a dated certificate for 40 hours of CPE credit is issued to your name. The certificate can be viewed, downloaded, and then printed from your online grade book.


Course completion calculation

The primary purpose of this course is more than to simply teach you best practices of information security as advocated by (ISC)2. The single primary objective of this course is to ensure that you succeed in passing your (ISC)certification exam. Practice exams are a core component of this certification exam preparation. As such, passing these practice exams is absolutely essential to achieving the primary purpose of assuring your success on your (ISC)official examination. Course completion requires completing all course lessons by viewing all slides in all domain lessons, as well as completing all domain-ending practice exams with a score of 95% or greater. Individual lesson pre- and post-assessments are not recorded. Individual lesson pre- and post-assessments are not recorded. Completion of a course domain is indicated by the appearance of a completedin the score column in your grade book. 

Obtaining your certificate

Once you have successfully completed all modules of your course, please be sure to download and retain your course completion certificate and transcript from your course grade book. The system also automatically emails you a copy of your certificate the moment your achieve fully completed status for all modules. Certificates earned are only available for the duration of your active subscription. CIS does not maintain or archive certificates for expired course subscriptions.


This CISSP exam preparation course is for exam preparation only. It does NOT include the (ISC)2 CISSP exam itself. The (ISC)2 exam must be separately registered and purchased directly at


Copyright Notice: "CISSP" and "(ISC)2" are registered trademarks and/or certification marks of The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. Neither Certified Information Security, nor any of its proprietary products are endorsed by or affiliated with the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. 


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excellent, comprehensive study aid
Your review
I am happy to say that I just passed my CISSP exam yesterday, on the first try, having used
Certified Information Security's course as my primary preparation vehicle. This course was
absolutely indispensable to me. Allen has built an incredibly comprehensive curriculum addressing
this broad-ranging certification. The course material is well organized and easy to understand.
The course leads you directly to the key concepts while the numerous practice exams help point
you to areas where you may need a bit more study. I highly recommend this course to those
preparing for the CISSP exam.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Another successful certification
Your review
I have used Allen's training modules for my CISA, CISM, CRISC, and now my CISSP exam. I have successfully passed each exam on the first try. The CISSP course was very detailed and made you learn the important key topics that will show up on the exam. The CISSP is a tough exam, but I went into the exam feeling prepared after using Allen's CISSP training module. I recommend everyone have a plan to tackle the material because there is a LOT to go through. The 40 CPE's is also a huge advantage to other courses. I would recommend Allen's training to anyone!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Crisp, succinct material
Your review
I just started domain 4 with this course and I am thoroughly enjoying the crisp, to the point content. I was very overwhelmed by the several number of days that it took me to complete domain 3 in Sybex and really wanted material that would take me closer to the CISSP goal without missing any content for the exam. This seems to be one such. I have previously used Allen's CISA material exclusively for my CISA prep and that worked. Highly recommend!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful