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Digital Credentials: Certificates and Badges

CIS has teamed with Accredible professional digital credentialing services to facilitate issuing, recording, storing, and managing digital credential certificates and badges. This service helps CIS certified professionals to better share their achievements and prove their credibility.

Please note that digital certificates and badges are issued only for professional credentials earned; not for online course completion. However, PDF certificates and letters of completion are provided for online course, practice exam, and certification exam completion through the CIS eLearning Center for the duration of your unexpired resource subscription. These certificates are also emailed directly for your own personal permanent archival.

Easy sharing

You can add your credential to your email signature (either the certificate or the badge - whichever fits best), to your LinkedIn profile, or even share them to any of your preferred social networks with an easy click of a button.

Easy verification

Digital certificates can be third-party verified online and on-demand. If you choose to print a digital certificate to hard-copy, perhaps for an employment interview or for employment records, your certificate now has a unique square QR code that can be scanned by phone for immediate online verification as well - which adds credibility and professionalism to your achievements.

Your credentials are protected

Your records of achievement and credentials earned with Certified Information Security are recorded and maintained online, and are always accessible via your secure portal access. For additional protection of the integrity and permanency of your credential records, we also register the issuing and renewing of your credentials as permanent immutable transaction records in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Congratulations! All that hard work paid off, and you now have a brand new digital credential. Here's how you can get the most use and value out of it.

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