Certified Fraud Control Manager

 Advance your career. Get certified as an expert
in preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud and abuse.

Certified Fraud Control Manager

CFCM 250This is the expert-level fraud control certification for fraud control professionals with at least five years of qualified experience. One of your primary responsibilities is protecting the organization from suffering losses and business disruption resulting from internal occupational fraud and abuse. Your experience in the field is an important component of your value to an employer. As a designated leader of fraud prevention, detection, and investigation processes, your employer counts on you to mitigate fraud risk throughout the enterprise. You have at least five years fraud control related experience, but experience just isn’t enough. Employers need something quantifiable and verifiable to show them you have the expertise they need, and you want to establish occupational identity with a respected certification in internal fraud risk prevention and mitigation. Earning the CFCM™ certification will give you the credential and proof of expertise today's employers require.

Upon completion of this training and certificate program, you will:

  • be equipped with knowledge and skills required to prevent, detect, and investigate potential occupational fraud and abuse;
  • expand your fraud control competency;
  • increase your credibility through gaining international recognition; and
  • improve your résumé and help to increase your earning potential.

Get trained and certified in preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud

YouTubeIn a world fraught with personal and corporate financial insecurity, the need for skilled and knowledgeable fraud-control professionals has never been greater. As profits drop and budgets tighten, many internal managers and even officers feel forced to become "creative" with internal accounts. Employees and management alike now face multiple layoffs - often eliminating employee loyalty while making employees desperate with the prospect of living in a global economy that has all but collapsed. It has been estimated that internal occupational fraud and abuse costs organizations around 7% of gross revenues. Organizations need to stop this hemorrhage of profits, and they need to recover what has already been lost.

Moreover, compliance with local and international laws and industry regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, BASEL II, CICA Instrument 52-109, and J-SOX have raised the bar globally for professional business practices expected of organizations in terms of internal fraud control, which have in turn increased the need for professionals who know how to help organizations build and maintain a strong fraud-control capability.

Certified Information Security provides the training and credentialing you need to become recognized as an authority in preventing, detecting, and investigating internal fraud.

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