Web-Based Training End User License Agreement (EULA)

Revision April 13, 2024

Section 1: End-User License Agreement ("EULA") General Overview
Section 2: EULA Copyright Status, Warning, and Disclaimer
Section 3: EULA Trademark Acknowledgements
Section 4: EULA General Company Information
Section 5: EULA Copyright Statement

Notice: This document may or may not be complete or current. It is posted to the general public for your convenience. The EULA version presented here considered valid for this specifically licensed version of said Product, which may vary from customer to customer or from product to product at the sole discretion of Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. Please contact Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. directly for the most up-to-date licensing or quantity discount information. Entire contents Copyright © 2002-2020 Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Section 1a: End-User License Agreement ("EULA") General Overview:

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USING ANY SOFTWARE OR PRODUCT FROM CERTIFIED TECH TRAINERS, INC., d/b/a Certified Information Security. The following Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. End-User License Agreement ("EULA") applies to you the individual or organization or entity that is purchasing or using the Product. This is a legal agreement between you the End-"User" (either an individual or an entity) and Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. By purchasing or registering any software, course, or study guide products, you indicate your acceptance of the EULA, agree to be bound by its terms and conditions for use, and acknowledged that YOU ARE NOT PURCHASING THE SOFTWARE OR MATERIALS UNDER THIS LICENSE, BUT RATHER YOU ARE PURCHASING THE RIGHT TO USE IT UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE EULA, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE OR PRODUCT(S).

Section 1b: End-User License Agreement ("EULA"): All Products, excluding template toolkits

Upon purchase or registration of any subscription to web-based training, practice exams, and/or certification exams from Certified Tech Trainers, Inc, d/b/a Certified Information Security, Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. grants you the right to use ONE copy of the software, subscription or study guide product, for a SINGLE user. Access to any content provided on a subscription basis is permitted solely for the registered User. It is the responsibility of the User to protect the confidentiality of access credentials such as login User identification and password. The registered User identification (name) and password may NOT be shared with other users.

You acknowledge the Product is owned and Copyright by Certified Tech Trainers, Inc., is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions, and will not challenge Certified Tech Trainers' Copyright status for said Product. Content within the Product (examples include but are not limited to: Practice Test Software, Study Guide, Web-Based Training, or other provided resource materials) may be owned by Certified Tech Trainers and/or an Independent Contractor Author or Publisher, and is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

You may NOT copy any registered Product, software, test question, study guide, or related document, to any other computer. You may NOT share course subscription access credentials such as user name and password with any other user. You may NOT permit the public viewing or use of any Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. registered Product (i.e. software or study guide).

No warranty is expressed or implied. All information provided by contractors or staff of Certified Tech Trainers, or within Content (such as test questions, practice tests, databases, web-based training, etcetera), software, Products, and all related information is provided on an "as-is" basis with no warranty or fitness implied. The user agrees that the various Independent Contractor Authors, Publishers, Certified Tech Trainers Staff, and Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from the Product, or any information contained on the Certified Tech Trainers Web Site or from the use of any Certified Tech Trainers related information, software, or training programs. Use of any information posted at http://www.certifiedtechtrainers.com/, https://www.certifiedinfosec.com/, or http://www.syberworks.com/, or use of any suggestions or recommendations made by Certified Tech Trainers or its staff, or use of any information within any other product or software provided or owned by Certified Tech Trainers Inc (A.K.A Certified Information Security), is used entirely at your own risk.

Any type of copying of any Product, software, or product content to another computer is prohibited by Copyright Law and/or International Treaties. All Products (eg. software, practice tests, and web-based training) are licensed to the individual or entity (user as defined in this EULA) on per-user basis. The user agrees with the terms of all sections of this agreement.

Section 1c: End-User License Agreement ("EULA"):  Template Toolkits

Upon purchase and payment, Certified Tech Trainers grants you a non‐exclusive, permanent, limited right to use the document/documentation worldwide, exclusively in the manner expressly specified here. All rights which are not expressly granted here are reserved. This license applies specifically, and is limited to, products described and available for purchase at:

You are authorized to use these documents/documentations for any purpose, but exclusively for the needs of your business, in any way that is in accordance with the granted rights, to copy the document/documentation, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, temporary or permanently, by any means and in any form, as well as to translate it into other languages, to adapt, edit or in any other way modify the documents/documentations.

It is expressly prohibited to remove the copyright owner notice and to use the document/documentation commercially for any purpose or for any need not directly related to your internal business. It is particularly prohibited to lease or distribute the original or copies of the document/documentation by selling or otherwise, or offering them with the intention of selling, as well as to print, publish, and make available to the public, through wired or wireless systems, by enabling unauthorized third persons to access the documents from places and at times of their own choosing (e.g. internet publishing), without previously obtaining written consent from Certified Tech Trainers. You are not authorized to transfer your rights to associated or non associated legal or natural third persons, including your affiliate companies, or to grant any such third persons any right to use the document/documentation without written consent previously granted by Certified Tech Trainers.

Section 1d: Product Support: Product support for Products shall be provided for the duration of the subscription period purchased.

Section 2: Copyright Status, Warning and Disclaimer:

All copyright statements expressed at https://www.certifiedinfosec.com/home/legal/copyright are incorporated into this end-user license agreement.

Section 3: Trademark Acknowledgements:

Known Trademark acknowledgements are as follows: All copyright statements expressed at https://www.certifiedinfosec.com/home/legal/copyright are incorporated into this end-user license agreement. 

Section 4: General Company Information:

In an effort to keep costs down, Certified Information Security.:

  • Reserves the right to change prices without notice or compensation.

  • Contracts with Independent Contractor Authors and Publishers for Content, whereby said independent contractor or Publisher states signed in writing under penalty of perjury that no NDA, Copyright, Intellectual Property, or Trademark violations have occurred. Certified Information Security is not liable or responsible for any NDA, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Trademark, or Servicemark infringements, made by any of its Independent Contractor Authors or Publishers.

The following web sites are a partial listing of web sites that are either owned, operated, or contracted for hosting services by Certified Tech Trainers, Inc, and as such the user agrees to contact Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. prior to filing any law suit or claim to the ownership of the following domain names, to give Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. the opportunity to resolve the issue prior to engaging in any legal action:

If you have any additional questions, Technical Support for Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. can be reached at: https://www.certifiedinfosec.com/home/contact-us.

Section 5: Copyright Statement

All copyright statements expressed at https://www.certifiedinfosec.com/home/legal/copyright are incorporated into this end-user license agreement.

For the latest Certified Tech Trainers, Inc. legal information or acknowledgements, please check for updates to this document by contacting Certified Information Security.