We need contract trainers!

Do you have a passion for risk management, compliance management, information security, business continuity, or fraud control? Are you skilled at teaching complex business management topics in easy-to-understand terms?

Certified Information Security provides various instructor-led training and certification sessions on these topics throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, and UK. We seek experienced business presenters to facilitate 1 - 5 day training sessions on a daily-rate contract (USD $600 to $1,000 per day + travel) on an as-needed basis. CIS provides all presentation slides and student materials.


  1. Traveling instructors is expensive. You must be physically based in United States, Caribbean, or Canada. Must have the ability to legally travel and work within United States, Caribbean, or Canada.

  2. To teach a course, you naturally need to be a certified expert in the subject matter. Our courses and corresponding proof of competence requirements are as follows: 

Prior attendance of the course to be taught, online or live in class is preferred. Please note that we do not provide free training or certification services to contract instructors.

  1. Education: Bachelors degree required; Masters degree preferred
  2. Business Experience: 5+ years of related business management experience in risk management, information security, business continuity, and/or fraud control
  3. Presentation Experience: Previous experience in presenting day-long sessions to groups of 5 - 25 people
  4. Social Skills: Ability to interface with senior management and board members with confidence and competence
  5. Equipment: We do not provide a laptop or projector. If you do not have a portable projector of your own, we can rent one for you. The cost of projector rental averages USD $150.00 per day, and will be deducted from your normal daily rate of pay.

How to apply

If interested, please forward your résumé/CV to info@certifiedinfosec.com. In your email, please indicate how you fulfil each of the requirements above. Applications failing to do so are not considered.

We will review your submission within 5 business days, and provide appropriate feedback.