Certified Procurement Fraud Control Specialist (CPFCS)

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    Step 1: Learn how to prevent and detect the most common fraud schemes relating to procurement of goods and services

    CPFCS 250 WebYour organization naturally spends money on legitimate purchases of goods and services. Unfortunately, employees, contractors, and vendors can use the procurement process as a means to acquire assets and services for personal use, or even to get the company to pay for un-necessary or even fake purchases for the employee’s own benefit. Employees and managers alike can easily circumvent typical procurement procedures and controls to steer business to particular vendors, to purchase at inflated prices, and to even purchase from their own company as a supplier. Let’s face it, if procurement professionals do not know how fraudsters can get around controls, in ways that are nearly undetectable from inside the organization, the organization is probably losing enormous sums of money due to undetected fraud. This course devotes an entire day to learning how fraudsters successfully sidestep typical controls to perpetrate:

    • Billing Schemes & Fake Purchase Schemes
    • Expense Reimbursement Schemes
    • Theft of Non-Cash Assets
    • Corruption and Collusion
    • Bid-Rigging

    Step 2: Learn how to investigate suspected procurement fraud

    What are people hiding from you? Criminals, clients, customers and even colleagues may each be hiding something from you. Learn how to be more effective in asking questions and evaluating responses so you can better detect lies and uncover the truth. By enhancing your interview techniques, you will get more information, more insight and less deception from everyone you interview. Even experienced professionals will improve their interviewing skills with this renowned course.

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    Certified Fraud Control Professional™

    CPFCSIf you’re a procurement manager or practitioner, you already know the critical role of procurement plays in controlling fraud and abuse as it relates to protecting an organization’s investment in acquiring goods and services. Achieving CPFCS certification shows that you are a uniquely qualified procurement professional with the mission-critical know-how and skills to prevent, detect, and even investigate/recover expensive fraud loss due to fraudulent billing schemes, expense reimbursement fraud, tender and contract fraud, bid rigging, corruption, collusion, disbursement (payment) fraud, and other procurement and acquisition-related schemes.

    Upon completion of this training and certificate program, you will:

    • be equipped with knowledge and skills required to prevent, detect, and investigate potential procurement-related fraud and abuse;
    • expand your procurement fraud control competency;
    • increase your credibility through gaining international recognition; and
    • improve your résumé and help to increase your earning potential.


    Getting Certified as CPFCS™ Download PDF Guide


     Getting certified is easy, and can be accomplished completely online. The CPFCS™ certification is available to qualified candidates who:

    1. Are a member of CIS in good standing. 
      If you are not already an Associate member of the CIS certification student body, you must first become a member to pursue the CPFCS credential.
    2. Attend the required course, live or online. Prerequisite training for CPFCS certification eligibility includes either:
      • Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Procurement Fraud (live instructor-led class); OR
      • Certified Procurement Fraud Control Specialist Training Kit Online
    3. Pass the CPFCS Exams. For CPFCS certification, candidates must pass exams #PFC101 and #FC102. Exams are administered on-line and can be taken at your convenience at your home or work through the CIS eLearning Center, where your progress and score are monitored and recorded centrally. Your exam results are provided automatically upon completion of your exam.
    4. Submit your professional endorsements.
      CPFCS has no pre-requisite experience requirements. Complete exams #PFC101 and #FC102, and submit three CIS Candidate Endorsement Forms to the Certification Department at CIS Headquarters. Your completed application and documentation can be mailed, transmitted by facsimile, or e-mailed to:

      Certified Information Security
      ATTN: Certification Department
      1004 Green Pine Circle
      Orange Park, FL 32065 USA
      Fax: +1(786) 522-9063
      E-mail: certification@certifiedinfosec.com
    5. Gain final approval from the certification committee and become certified by CIS.
      You will officially become certified once your exam and credentials are approved by the certification committee. Your certification kit will be mailed to the address you provided for your membership account. Those who have attained a CIS credential will be invoiced for certification renewal upon annual membership renewal. 

    Upgrade Path: Certified Fraud Control Professional (CFCA™)

  • Training

    Certified Information Security is authorized to provide all required training and exams for CPFCS certification. CPFCS certification candidates must successfully complete:

  • Exams

    Required Exams - #PFC101 and #FC102 

    CFCP certification requires successful completion of two exams:

    Required Exam: PFC101

    Exam PFC101 maps to content areas explained in "Certified Procurement Fraud Control Specialist"

    • Required for CPFCS certification
    • Number of questions: 65
    • Passing Score: 75%
    • Time limit: 70 minutes

    Content Areas

    1. Billing Schemes

    • Billing Schemes
    • Shell Company Schemes
    • Billing schemes involving non-accomplice vendors
    • Personal purchases with company funds
    • Proactive computer audit tests for detecting billing schemes

    2. Expense Reimbursement Schemes

    • Mis-characterized expense reimbursements
    • Fictitious expense reimbursement schemes
    • Multiple reimbursement schemes
    • Proactive computer audit tests for detecting expense reimbursement schemes

    3. Theft of Non-Cash Assets

    4. Corruption

    • Corruption schemes
    • Bribery
    • Economic extortion
    • Illegal gratuities
    • Preventing and detecting register disbursement schemes

    Required Exam: FC102

    Exam FC102 maps to content areas explained in "Advanced Interview Techniques for Investigating Fraud and Abuse."

    • Required for CFCA, CFCP, and CFCM certifications
    • Number of questions: 65
    • Passing score: 75%
    • Time limit: 70 minutes

    Content Areas

    1. Know Your Boundaries: Legal Considerations for Investigating and Interviewing

    • Legal authority to conduct interviews
    • Use of deception in interviews
    • Employee’s duty to cooperate
    • Consideration of employee rights under law
    • Consideration of Trade Unions
    • Common law considerations

    2. Understanding the Science of Communication

    • Types of conversation
    • Communication inhibitors
    • Communication facilitators
    • Verbal Communication
    • Communication Analysis

    3. Preparing for the Interview

    • Planning the Investigation
    • Establishing the foundation for investigation
    • Developing Evidence
    • Physical considerations for interviewing

    4. Conducting the Interview

    • Step 1 – Opening the interview
    • Step 2 - Developing information from the interview with information-seeking questions
    • Step 3 - Investigating with Assessment questions
    • Step 4 – Closing the Interview, Re-Assessing, and Confirming Facts
    • Step 5 – Obtaining the confession with admission-seeking questions

    5. Reporting Findings

    • Purpose
    • Accuracy
    • Clarity
    • Objectivity
    • Timeliness
    • Common mistakes
    • Organization of information
    • Consideration of target audience
    • Report structure
  • Experience

    Qualified experience for Certified Procurement Fraud Control Specialist™ certification

    CPFCS is an entry-level fraud control certification. This certification does not require previous qualified experience.

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    IRMCB Accredited

    Certified Information Security provides the training and credentialing you need to become recognized as an authority in preventing, detecting, and investigating internal fraud.  You choose the method of delivery: online through our secure website, in-person at a publicly available course, or privately at your facility.  We take care of the rest – from administration, to record keeping, to providing certificates of completion and certification.

    Online students have the additional convenience of taking courses whenever they want. Our program allows users to start and stop without losing their place or data.  Learning and certifying expertise has never been so easy!

    Total cost for CPFCS certification including all training, practice exams, certification exams, and membership = USD $949.95.

    Please note that you can "purchase and pay as you go". You do not need to purchase all resources at once.

    A breakdown of costs is as follows:

    1. Required CIS Membership Application Fee & Membership Dues 

    New Membership: CIS Body of Certified Professionals (2019 - 2020)

    New Membership: CIS Body of Certified Professionals (2019 - 2020)

    Product details

    Salesprice with discount:
    Sales price: $100.00

    2. Required Training

    Required Course
    Instructor-Led Online

    Certified Procurement Fraud Control Specialist Training Kit (Procurement Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Investigation)

    Find live training

    Certified Procurement Fraud Control Specialist (CPFCS) Training Kit

    Certified Procurement Fraud Control Specialist (CPFCS) Training Kit

    Product details

    Salesprice with discount:
    Sales price: $499.95

    3. Optional Online Practice Exams

    PFC101 Practice Exams

    PFC101 Practice Exams

    Product details

    Salesprice with discount:
    Sales price: $75.00

    3. FC102 Practice Exams

    3. FC102 Practice Exams

    Product details

    Salesprice with discount:
    Sales price: $75.00

    4. Required Online Certification Exams

    Certification Exam #PFC101

    Certification Exam #PFC101

    Product details

    Salesprice with discount:
    Sales price: $100.00

    2. Certification Exam #FC102

    2. Certification Exam #FC102

    Product details

    Salesprice with discount:
    Sales price: $100.00