2. BCMS101 Practice Exams

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exam_pass_guaranteeBCMS101 Practice Exams (76 Questions)

Exam modules included:
  • Part 1 (38 Questions)
  • Part 2 (38 Questions)
  • Comprehensive Final Assessment (76 Questions)


Content Areas

  1. Introduction to Professional Business Continuity Management
  2. BCM Program and Policy Management
    • Determining BCM requirements
    • Establishing the business continuity objectives and plans
    • Scoping the BCM
    • Setting the business continuity policy
    • Resourcing and financing the BCM
    • Governance roles and responsibilities
    • Training and competency
    • Documentation and records
  3. Understanding the organization
  4. Busines Impact Analysis
  5. Developing the BCM strategy
    • Estimating continuity requirements
  6. Embedding BCM into the organization's culture

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BCMS101 Practice Exams
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