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iso 22301 certification training 

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disaster recovery
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Certification Path

Strategy, Policy, and Certification Workshop: ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management

  • Small-class format: 20 participant limit

    CIS Policy Workshop Series: ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management iso 22301 certification

    Get a thorough understanding of the ISO 22301 standard for business continuity and disaster recovery management, how to leverage the ISO 22301 standard to establish and maintain a business continuity management system (BCMS) program. Then build-out the initial ISO 22301-conforming business continuity management program policy right in class!


    Business Continuity Management

    No two organizations are exactly alike. Even within the same industry and sector, every organization has unique goals, objectives, stakeholders, business processes, and risk tolerance. In order to craft incident response that best fits your organization's needs, you need to establish a system for ongoing understanding and management of those needs. Trying to develop business continuity and contingency procedures before determining what your organization needs the levels of risk it will tolerate, and the organization that will manage business continuity is akin to trying to author a book without first determining a plot. The foundation for business continuity management is established and documented in a business continuity management policy, and this class helps you create or improve that policy.

    This 2-day ISO 22301 business continuity strategy and policy workshop provides participants with a solid understanding of business continuity management. It is based on industry best practice and guidelines for business continuity and reviews the ISO 22301 Standard for business continuity management. Practical exercises and instructor-led discussions will help students understand the benefits of business continuity management in an organization.

    This business continuity training will:

    • Describe the principles and processes of business continuity management and governance;
    • Provide thorough coverage of the requirements of ISO 22301;
    • Give practical guidance on designing a suitable framework and business continuity management strategy;
    • Give practical advice on setting up and operating business continuity management;
    • Prepare you for ISO 22301 certification exams;
    • Establish a firm program starting point by using ISO 22301 to build out the initial Business Continuity Management core policy.

      The CIS ISO 22301 policy template toolkit is included with the instructor-led class: business continuity training
      • Complete ISO 22301-conforming BCM Policy (29-Page template provided) 
      • Procedure document for identification of statutory, regulatory, contractual, and other requirements (1-Page)
      • Procedure for Training and Development Needs Analysis document (8-Page template provided) 
      • BCM Program project kick-off document (9-Page template provided)


    Class details

    • Duration: 2 days, 8:30 - 4:30
    • CPE Credit: 16
    • Materials included with live instructor-led training:
      • Class manual (complete hardcopy of class presentation)
      • Hardcopy policy templates
      • Softcopy policy templates
      • 14 days of unlimited access to online practice exams for exam #BCMS101
      • 1 attempt for the online certification exam #BCMS101
      • Current-year membership in the CIS Body of Certified Professionals
    •  business continuity plan
    • Professional Certification: This course fulfills prerequisite training requirements for certification exam #BCMS101 for professional ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management certifications:
    • Certificate included with class: Upon course completion, we will provide you with an achievement certificate for 16 continuing professional education (CPE) credits that can be used to fulfill requirements for maintaining a variety of professional credentials for fraud examination, accounting, auditing, and information security.
    • Recommended prerequisite training: CIS Policy Workshop: ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management 
    • Catering:
      • Morning refreshments and snack
      • Lunch
      • Afternoon refreshments
    • Hotel and/or Travel: Not included


    * ISO Standards are NOT included in this risk management training, nor provided in class. ISO standards are available for purchase at


  • Recommended Attendance by Position

    Recommended participants by role for this business continuity training include:

    • Policy Approvers / Strategy Decision Makers
    • Chief Information Officer (CIO / CISO)
    • Business continuity managers and team members
    • ISO 14001 EMS Managers
    • Information security managers
    • Compliance officers
    • Revenue protection managers
    • IT managers
    • Risk managers
    • Operations department heads (business unit managers)
    • Auditors
  • CIS Policy Workshop: ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management

    Disaster Recovery

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    Business Continuity Training Topics:

    1. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management, and ISO 22301
      • Principles of business continuity management, disaster recovery, and incident response
      • Review of ISO 22301
      • Achieving the benefits of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    2. Business Continuity Management
      • Planning and designing
      • Implementing and benchmarking
      • Measuring and monitoring
      • Learning and reporting
    3. Establish a firm program starting point by using ISO 22301 to build out the initial business continuity core policy. Throughout the class, our expert instructor will convert ISO 22301 concepts and requirements into a real ISO 22301-conforming business continuity policy. Bring your laptop, and you can work right along with the instructor using electronic (MS Word format) templates we provide in class!* Along with the instructor, you will get your Business Continuity program properly initiated by constructing:
      • Complete ISO 22301-conforming BRM Policy (29-Page template provided)
      • Procedure for Training and Development Needs Analysis document (8-Page template provided)
      • BCM Program project kick-off document (9-Page template provided)

    * ISO Standards are NOT included in this course, nor provided in class. Students are encouraged to bring their own hard-copies of the standards to the class. ISO standards are available for purchase at

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  • Business Continuity Management Allen Keele, CEO of Certified Information Security

    My guarantee to you.

    Preparing for Certified Information Security's professional certification exams #BCMS101 and #BCMS102 is serious business.

    This is where I can help you. If you first successfully complete:

    • All prerequisite business continuity training and risk management training; and

    • All BCMS101 and BCMS102 online practice exams

    Certified Information Security guarantees your success in passing CIS ISO 22301 certification exams #BCMS101 and #BCMS102.

    If you do not pass exams #BCMS101 and #BCMS102 on your first attempt after completion of your required course and practice exams, Certified Information Security will allow you to re-test at no additional charge until you successfully pass your certification exams.

  • Public Live Training: Event Calendar
    Private Group Live Training: Request Proposal
    Online On-Demand Training:

    2. CIS Policy Workshop: ISO 22301 BCM

    2. CIS Policy Workshop: ISO 22301 BCM

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