Your browser is blocking pop-ups, or your browser's or anti-virus security is preventing our system from checking your session authorization.

If you have already successfully logged into the campus, but then find that you cannot get a training module to start properly because of "permissions errors", your browser's pop-up blocking and/or security settings are preventing our system from checking the authorized session cookie it tried to provide your browser when you logged into the campus per the new user setup advice. Per the new user guidance provided in this technical support section, you are advised to allow pop-ups from, reset security back to default settings, and to configure your browser to accept cookies from

Resolution #1: Do NOT block popup windows from Blocking pop-ups from the learning management system will result in this error:

     pop up error

Ensure that your web browser is not configured to automatically block pop-ups from the Certified Information Security website.

Resolution #2: Enable cookies for will ensure that your login sessions are handled properly.

Resolution #3: Log in properly before attempting to view content.
Do not try to access a course module directly with a saved bookmark or desktop shortcut. If you skip the login process and try to access a course module directly by suing a saved bookmark or shortcut, you will be prevented from successfully launching content. 

Resolution #4: Update or re-install Flash.

Resolution #5: Fix your corrupted browser / re-install Firefox or Chrome.
In rare cases, we have found that spyware or problematic plugins installed when visiting other sites can interfere with your learning session. Uninstalling and re-installing Firefox is a good way to quickly remedy this issue.