"Resume" stopped working? Your grade isn't recording properly to your grade book?

Here's how to fix it. 

  1. "Resume" stopped working.
    All course content presented through a learning management system must be compiled according to industry standards. The most common standard is SCORM (https://scorm.com/scorm-explained/), which is what our courses and learning management system conform to.

    “Resuming” in a SCORM course requires the course and the Learning Management System to maintain slide-by-slide and question-by-question session state progress as you go. The larger the course and the more times you “resume” a course on opening; the more session state history there is to maintain. The SCORM standard itself has limitations on how much session history it can track, but the session tracking capability is quite large. Because of the size of our courses however, and because our courses allow users to test and re-test, we have found it is still possible to build up such session tracking information that the volume of information exceeds the SCORM standard’s hard-coded data limitation. Hitting the session tracking limit depends upon how many times the user retakes exams, and how many times the user resumes the course. This is why the issue could affect you, but not others. It is also why the issue may affect one module of your course, but not others. Fortunately this is not a common issue, and it is easy to fix.

    • Solution: When opening a presentation, you are asked if you would like to resume from where you previously left off. Choose "No", and your session tracking history will be reset - which will allow resume to work properly again from that point on. Resetting your session history dumps the previous progress points (including previous lesson exam progress), allowing new resume history to be established. Since your best Domain-ending exam score is independently recorded and tracked in your course grade book, you will not lose any course completion  progress as far as CPE is concerned.

      Once you reset your session tracking history by choosing "No" to resume, you can manually go straight to your desired course position by using the slide navigation outline in the left panel. The next time you re-open the course, "resume" should work properly again.

  2. My score for the Domain Final Exam is not recording to the grade book anymore.

    • Solution: This is likely related to the "Resume" issue above. At some point in the middle of your Domain-ending exam, you are likely hitting SCORM's session state tracking and reporting limit without knowing it. Again, just re-open the Domain, choose "No" when asked to resume, and the manually progress to the Domain Final exam by using the slide navigation panel on the left. Your score should record properly.

  3. Logging in through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) through your office (or through commercial VPNs such as NordVPN, StrongVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN, or others) might mask your activity and score reporting from our servers, thus disabling our server's ability to record your scores and progress.

    • Solution: Simply access the internet via a normal direct ISP connection without logging in through a VPN.

  4. Viewing/using the same course module two or more times at the same time in separate windows is not supported. When you have a module open, it establishes a unique communication session with our server so it can keep track of your position in the course, and of your progress with the Domain Final Assessment. The system can only record progress and scores from one instance of a given module at a time. Having two sessions of the same course module open at the same time will effectively block both sessions from recording any progress and scores.

    • Solution: Close redundant sessions of the same course module.

  5. Firewalls can sometimes stop your browser from sending your progress back to our server. Your browser must maintain two-way collaborative communication with our Learning Management System. Firewalls, antivirus, and anti-exploit security may block vital session communication to our server. While your network firewall or security software typically allows you to receive course data, they might erroneously block your browser from sending data back to our server - keeping you so "safe" you can't use your course

    • Solution: If you experience unexpected behavior such as the failure to record course progress and scores (such as your browser attempting to send progress data back to our server), course "freezing", or other erratic behavior, please be sure to configure certifiedinfosec.com as a "trusted site" so that no course communication is blocked or filtered.