Thank you for your purchase. We look forward to providing your on-line training.

Our web-based training is designed to be extremely reliable, and utilizes common technologies such as Flash to make sure the course runs properly on all systems, anywhere in the world. To ensure a problem-free training experience, please perform the following steps prior to accessing your web-based training:

System Requirements:

  1. The following browsers are supported:
    • Windows: Internet Explorer 11 and later, or Google Chrome
      • Microsoft Edge is NOT supported!
    • Mac: Safari or Google Chrome
    • Mobile device: Google Chrome

Other Recommendations

  1. Make sure that your browser's security settings are set to "default".

  2. Enable cookies for
    • Ensure that you have allowed cookies for this site. If cookies are blocked, your training sessions will not function properly.

  3. Enable Flash for smoother audio and crisper graphics:
  4. Configure your browser to allow pop-ups from

  5. Restart your web browser.


Are you connecting to the course through a company proxy server?

If you are connecting to the course through a company's network proxy server, please realize that the proxy server may be configured to cache and serve files from earlier sessions. Consequently, you may experience difficulties in getting up-to-date files that are necessary for viewing your course module. You can:

  1. Ask your network administrator to configure the proxy server to disable caching of any files from the website
  2. Connect to the campus using a different Internet connection.


Do you connect to the Internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Please note that Logging in through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) through your office (or through commercial VPNs such as NordVPN, StrongVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN, or others) might mask your activity and score reporting from our servers, thus disabling our server's ability to record your scores and progress. To allow our server to maintain accurate records of your scores and progress, please access the internet via a normal direct ISP connection without logging in through a VPN.


After updating your software, you are ready to access the campus and log in to begin your training! 

Enjoy your course!