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Diploma in Procurement & Supply


    Course Duration:

    • Module 1: 3 days
    • Module 2: 3 days
    • Module 3: 3 days
    • Module 4: 3 days
    • Module 5: 3 days

    Recommended Prerequisite Training

    Recommended Follow-On Session

    Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit

    120 cpeUpon course completion, we will provide you with achievement certificates totalling 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

    Train and prepare for the CIPS "Diploma in Procurement and Supply" 

    CIPS Purchasing and Supply ChainThe Diploma training and credentialing program addresses planning and forecasting for future demand, forward planning for contract development, negotiating volumes, margins and standards, creating and controlling specifications, and contract management. It also covers the supply market and chain, negotiating with suppliers, conflict resolution and performance review. Please view the CIPS Level 4 Content Guide for complete course content details for all four modules.

    Upon completion of the recommended prerequisite training, "Level 2 - Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations" and "Level 3 - Advanced Certificated in Procurement and Supply Operations", Certified Information Security can help you and your colleagues to establish your critical foundation of understanding and skills necessary to work as a procurement and supply manager. When you and your colleagues attend Certified Information Security's certification preparation and training course aligned to the CIPS Diploma in Procurement and Supply, you will quickly learn the core essential concepts and best practices to make you effective in managing your organization's procurement and supply operations.

    Participants are led through five volumes (1,162 pages) of official CIPS course books by an experienced and qualified instructor who will bring the material to life, and make it relevant to the procurement and supply operations at your organization. Please view the CIPS Level 4 Content Guide for complete course content details for all five modules.

    The target audience for this training session is any management or staff who are moving into a junior or middle management procurement role, or who supervise the procurement function. The program focuses on how organizational procedures and processes perform in procurement and supply, including negotiating,planning, risk management and data analysis.
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  • CIPS Purchasing and Supply ChainWhat you and your colleagues will learn (Download the entire Unit Content Guide for complete details)

    • Contexts of procurement and supply
      • Understand the added value that can be achieved through procurement and supply chain management
      • Understand the stages of sourcing processes in creating added value outcomes that can be achieved with suppliers
      • Understand the main aspects of organisational infrastructure that shape the scope of a procurement or supply chain function
      • Understand the need for compliance with requirements when undertaking procurement activities in different sectors
    • Business needs in procurement and supply
      • Understand how to devise a business case for requirements to be sourced from external suppliers
      • Understand the fundamentals of specifications and key performance indicators that are included in contractual arrangements made with suppliers
      • Understand the main clauses that are included in formal contracts
      • Understand the main implications of outsourced work or outsourced services for procurement
    • Sourcing in procurement and supply
      • Understand the main options for sourcing of requirements from suppliers
      • Be able to develop a plan for sourcing goods or services from external suppliers
      • Be able to assess the financial stability of potential suppliers
      • Understand the main processes that can be applied to the sourcing of requirements from external suppliers
      • Understand compliance issues when sourcing from suppliers
    • Negotiating and contracting in procurement and supply
      • Understand the legal issues that relate to the formation of contracts
      • Understand the main approaches in the negotiation of commercial agreements with external organizations
      • Understand how to prepare for negotiations with external organizations
      • Understand how commercial negotiations should be undertaken
    • Managing contracts and relationships in procurement and supply
      • Understand the dynamics of relationships in supply chains
      • Understand the legal aspects relating to the performance of contracts
      • Understand the main approaches to achieve the management of contracts
      • Understand the main techniques for the management of contracts and suppliers
  •  CIPS Courses

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    Private Group Live Training: CIPS Courses


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