Assess your organization's fraud control Policies, management, and practices.

1. Establishing the Fraud Control Management System

1. Establishing the Fraud Control Management System

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Fraud is a cost too. It has been estimated that internal occupational fraud and abuse costs organizations around 7% of gross revenues. 7 percent! One-fourth of the fraud schemes involve losses greater than $1 million. Most of the frauds are committed by either employees (39.7%) or managers (37.1%). Internal fraud costs your organization a lot of money without ever showing itself on the books as an expense, but it must be controlled as any other costly threat to the organization. Your organization needs to stop this hemorrhage of profits, and it needs to recover what has already been lost. If your organization is trying to cut expenses and save money, don’t allow the expensive disease of fraud and corruption to continue to thrive just because you don’t want to spend money on the less costly knowledge and skills necessary to control the problem.

Management of any business function within an organization first requires establishing the function properly  - whether it be finance, HR, marketing, or risk management. Having a system in place to control internal fraud throughout the enterprise is no different. A cross-functional fraud control management capability must be established and maintained before any effective fraud management can be maintained. 

In this course, Certified Fraud Control Manager and Certified Fraud Examiner Allen Keele will lead you through two professionally narrated fraud risk assessments:

  1. Assessment #1: Assess your organization's Fraud Control Management System
  2. Assessment #2: Assess your organization's fraud control practices and procedures
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Completing these powerful top-down fraud risk assessments will provide concise, scored, and printable reports of where your organization stands with its ability to prevent, detect, and investigate fraud. These reports will give you the recipe you need for moving forward and affecting immediate reduction in your organization's losses due to internal fraud and abuse.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit
Upon course completion, we will provide you with an achievement certificate for 3 continuing professional education (CPE) credits that can be used to fulfill requirements for maintaining a variety of professional credentials for fraud examination, accounting, auditing, and information security .