Maintain Your Credential

To remain "in good standing" as a member of CIS' Body of Certified Professionals, a credential holder must:

  • Abide by the CIS Code of Ethics. See below for details.
  • Maintain an active membership in the CIS Body of Certified Professionals
  • Obtain and submit the required Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs).
    Ensuring continued competence is accomplished by meeting the Continuing Professional Education hours required by the board. Credential holders must earn the minimum number of Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs) annually during each year of the three-year certification cycle. Although members may earn more than the minimum number of CPE credits required for credential maintenance for the three-year cycle, they are still required to earn and submit the minimum annual number to maintain their certification in “good standing.” See below for details.
  • Submit Certification Annual Maintenance Fees (AMFs) upon receipt of annual invoices.
    Payment of Annual Maintenance Fees (AMFs) ensures that the organization has the necessary financial resources to maintain member records, ensures certification continues to meet the needs and requirements of the market, and ensures that the organization will continue to be a functional, dynamic entity far into the future. See below for details.