Allen Keele
Allen Keele, CEO of Certified Information Security

My guarantee to you.

Preparing for (ISC)2's exam is serious business. Getting the CISSP credential will work miracles for your career, but the exam is expensive and quite difficult to prepare for. Failing the exam only once means you waste at least $699 in exam registration fees, not to mention the opportunity cost of not having the certification on your resumé. This is an exam you want to pass the first time.This is where I can help you. If you are willing to do the work, and follow my mentoring and instruction, I can guarantee you will pass your exam on your first attempt after your purchase of my CISSP SuperReview course. If you purchase our complete all-inclusive CISSP training course, Certified Information Security guarantees that if you do not pass the CISSP exam within 4 months after purchasing our CISSP SuperReview web-based course, Certified Information Security will provide the registered student with access to a normal subscription of the same training within four months of the original purchase at no extra charge.

To take advantage of this guarantee, simply forward your (ISC)notification of failure along with your request for a free new subscription within 10 calendar days of failing the CISSP exam to Customer service will contact you within 5 business days to arrange for your complimentary CISSP training.