Attend in-person on-location, or via video-conference from the convenience and safety of your home or office.

To register one or more participants for a particular session, simply click the "Register" button for your desired event. Costing is automatically discounted by 20% for groups of 5 or more, and by 25% for groups of 10 or moreLearn more about attending a virtual classroom session here. All related practice exams, certification exams, and policy template tool-kits are likewise available online and on-demand at your convenience from your home or office.

Remote attendance via ZOOM (Eastern Time)

Prefer not to travel? We understand. 
Remote participation of all of our public live sessions is available via ZOOM video conferencing. "Online Video Teleconference (ET)"  events are advertised in Eastern Time (New York)


What your team will get

  • The presentation: Remote participants will be able to see and hear slides as they are being taught, and we will expedite advance shipment of hard-copy manuals for each participant.

  • Course resources: Remote participants will also get secured access to our online learning management system where they will be able to access the same course material made available to our participants attending in-person, often including soft-copy policy template tool-kits provided in class.

  • Certification: If a live training session has professional certification preparation and exams included (and most do), remote participants will get the same online access to certification practice exams and applicable professional certification exams. Since exams are proctored online on demand, remote participants will not need to appear in person to take their exam(s).

  • Participation: Remote participants will be able to hear the presenter, as well as questions from the audience. They can also virtually "raise their hands" to ask a verbal question to be heard by all, which is verbally answered just as any other participant's question would be.

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