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2. Corporate Fraud Prevention & Detection (30 Days)

SKU FC101CFPD. Learn how to professionally prevent and detect internal fraud and corruption. This course subscription provides 30 days of access to prerequisite training for CIS exam certification exam #FC101. (In English) As this is a subscription-based course, no permanent download of course materials is provided.
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Terms of Service: Unlimited online utilization of this course is provided for a single user for 30 days in duration from the time of purchase according to the terms of Certified Information Security's End-User License Agreement. The subscription expires 30 days after purchase. Subscription time is not banked, and cannot be "frozen", deferred, or re-scheduled.

CFCMFraud is a cost too. It has been estimated that internal occupational fraud and abuse costs organizations around 7% of gross revenues. 7 percent! One-fourth of the fraud schemes involve losses greater than $1 million. Most of the frauds are committed by either employees (39.7%) or managers (37.1%). Internal fraud costs your organization a lot of money without ever showing itself on the books as an expense, but it must be controlled as any other costly threat to the organization. Your organization needs to stop this hemorrhage of profits, and it needs to recover what has already been lost. If your organization is trying to cut expenses and save money, don’t allow the expensive disease of fraud and corruption to continue to thrive just because you don’t want to spend money on the less costly knowledge and skills necessary to control the problem. As this is a subscription-based course, no permanent download of course materials is provided.

This award-winning course will help you and your company:

  • Assess your organization's current capabilities to properly prevent, detect, investigate, and recover losses resulting from internal fraud or abuse.
  • Create and take back a hard-copy comprehensive fraud risk assessment.
  • Detect a wide variety internal fraud and corruption, including (but not limited to) purchasing and acquisition fraud, payroll fraud, check fraud, reporting fraud, and abuse of company assets.
  • Effectively investigate suspicions of internal fraud or abuse to support recovery of losses, possible termination or disciplinary proceedings, or even potential prosecution.
  • Prepare you and your attendees for optional testing and accreditation as Certified Fraud Control Associates, Professionals, or Managers.


Modules explain the major schemes and provide relevant statistics on cost and frequency, as well as the perpetrators and victims of these crimes. Each scheme is illustrated with several real-life cases. The course clearly outlines prevention, detection and investigation strategies. Essential terms, questions, and discussion issues help students understand and retain the material. Not to be confused with forensic accounting instruction, this course is designed for a broad corporate management audience.

This course includes:

  • Skimming
  • Cash Larceny
  • Billing Schemes
  • Check Tampering
  • Payroll Schemes
  • Expense Reimbursement Schemes
  • Register Theft Disbursement Schemes
  • Theft of Non-Cash Assets
  • Corruption and Collusion
  • Fraudulent Financial Statement Schemes

 16_cpe.pngUpon successful course completion, a dated certificate for 16 hours of CPE credit is issued to your name. The certificate can be viewed and downloaded from your online gradebook. Completion of this course fulfills all prerequisite training requirements for CIS exam #FC101