05% Discounted Purchase Credit Voucher

USD $5,000.00 Pre-paid voucher credit code valid for online purchases at www.certifiedinfosec.com.
With shipment Online for $0.00
Salesprice with discount
Sales price $4,750.00
  • Voucher code credit value = USD $5,000.00
  • Voucher code purchase price = USD $4,750.00
  • Voucher Code Expiration = 365 calendar days after original date of purchase
  • Unique code is created and emailed upon purchase for use on future purchases.

This is a general voucher code that can be used as payment for any products and services sold through Certified Information Security's online eStore, with the exception of the purchase of another discount voucher code. It can be used as payment by any user, so be sure NOT to share your voucher code to any user who is not authorized to make purchases with credit from your voucher. To use the voucher code, simply complete a purchase as usual at our online e-store, and enter the voucher coupon code in the "Enter your coupon code" field. Any credit remaining on your voucher will be applied to the sales price, and will be deducted from your future available credit. The voucher can be used as payment as many times as you wish until the credit balance is completely depleted, or until the voucher expires. You can view your voucher's available balances and applied purchases details after logging in at our online campus at https://www.certifiedinfosec.com/home-0.

Terms and limitations

Per the terms of your purchase, your voucher code expires 365 calendar days from the original date of purchase. Any unused balance upon expiration is forfeited, and is not refundable for any reason. Remember, your discounted voucher code may not be used to purchase another discounted voucher code.