2019 CISM SuperReview

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Terms of Service: Unlimited utilization of this course is provided for a single user for 180 days in duration from the time of purchase according to the terms of Certified Information Security's End-User License Agreement. The subscription expires 180 days after purchase, regardless of when you first use the course. Subscription time is not banked, and can not be "frozen", deferred, or re-scheduled.

Online CISM Certification Exam Training 

The fastest, most thorough CISM course

cismGet the same preparation over 4,000 CISM candidates across the world have used to prepare for the rigorous CISM examination since 2007. With this web-based course, you will have 24x7 access to the most recognized and qualified exam preparation in the world. Personally prepared, constantly updated, and presented by #1 best-selling ISACA exam prep author Allen Keele, this course provides everything you need to be able to pass the on your first attempt.

Proven CISM certification preparation

Since 2007, this course has earned a world-wide reputation for providing everything you need to know for the certification exam, and delivering the passing score you strive for.

You will learn everything you need to know with the knowledge gained from over 590 narrated screens, and 600 practice questions. You can feel confident this training will give you what it takes for passing the exam.

How does the course work?

cism training

What does it cost? How Is it guaranteed? How do I purchase? We have fantastic web-based preparation, so why not just see it for yourself and let us teach you about it along the way? Try the free preview now for free to see if it's the right solution for you.

Updated again in 2019! Now with 600 unique training practice questions especially designed for the CISM exam!

CISM Preparation Quick Facts

  • Updated in 2019. Updated twice yearly.
  • The only prep course that provides personal support from the globally published author of the training. Have questions? Talk to author Allen Keele now at our offices at  +1 (904) 406-4311 .
  • The only comprehensive on-line training good enough to be backed by an exam-pass guarantee!
  • Subscriptions lasting 180 days are available now!

This instruction has been custom designed and published by the world's leading ISACA examination information security certification preparation expert and author, Allen Keele. It is streamlined to focus ONLY on the exam-related information you need, so every minute you have to invest in preparation will be used efficiently. Its special structure and presentation have been proven to take the guesswork out of your preparation. There is simply no faster way to prepare for your examination.

Why wait to start preparing for the exam? This is the #1 method used by information security certification candidates around the globe since 2006. It's backed by an exam-pass guarantee, and you can start preparing immediately. Right now.

Course contents:

  • 8 Modules of content thoroughly covering all 2019 exam objectives in all four 2019 CISM exam domains
    • Information Security Governance (Supports exam objectives in ISACA's Information Security Governance exam domain)
    • Risk Management (Supports exam objectives in ISACA's Information Risk Management exam domain)
      • IT Deployment Risks (Further supports exam objectives in ISACA's Information Risk Management & Compliance exam domain)
      • IS Network and Telecommunications Risk (Further supports exam objectives in ISACA's Information Risk Management exam domain)
    • Information Security Program Management (Supports exam objectives in ISACA's Information Security Program Development and Management exam domain)
      • Managing the IT Function (Further supports exam objectives in ISACA's Information Security Program and Management exam domain)
    • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Response (Supports exam objectives in ISACA's Incident Management exam domain)
    • Legal and Ethical Issues (Supports legislative, contractual, and other legal concerns as they apply throughout all exam domains)
  • Challenge yourself with an ISACA exam simulation! This course includes three timed Comprehensive Final Practice exams, each providing a random selection of 150 questions drawn from unique pools of 200 questions each.
  • 52 Practice exams in total, containing 600 unique non-redundant practice questions
cism exam Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit: Upon course completion, we will provide you with access to a certificate and transcript for 40 continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Once you have earned your Certified Information Security Manager credential, you need to earn 40 CPE credits per year. This is a very flexible and affordable solution for maintaining your certification. isaca cism cissp certification

Course completion calculation

The primary purpose of this course is more than to simply teach you best practices of systems auditing as advocated by ISACA. The single primary objective of this course is to ensure that you succeed in passing your ISACA certification exam.

Practice exams are a core component of this certification exam preparation training. As such, passing these practice exams is absolutely essential to achieving the primary purpose of assuring your success on your ISACA official examination.

Course completion requires completing all domain-ending practice exams and final comprehensive assessment practice exams with a score of 95% or greater. Individual lesson pre- and post-assessments are not recorded. Completion of a course domain is indicated by the appearance of a completedin the score column in your grade book. 

Obtaining your certificate

Once you have successfully completed all modules of your course, please be sure to download and retain your course completion certificate and transcript from your course grade book. The system also automatically emails you a copy of your certificate the moment your achieve fully completed status for all modules.Certificates earned are only available for the duration of your active subscription. CIS does not maintain or archive certificates for expired course subscriptions.


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CISM SuperReview Course - A Great Resource
Your review
Allen Keele's CISM SuperReview is a thorough and guided path that offers a valid and beneficial source for learning. Although the review questions could be tricky and were not exactly easy to tackle, they helped identify my areas of weakness and helped me become more familiar with the test material. Plan to take the exam later in the year so hoping this resource along with the official ISACA guide and questions database will be sufficient to pass.
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Great CISM course!!!
Your review
I Purchased the CISM Super Review in October 2018. After completing the pre and post quizzes per module practice exams per module and completing the practice exams I felt ready. I attempted the CISM Self-Assessment on ISACA website and did well with the 50 questions. I had planned to do the exam in December but that didn't happen for personal reasons. I decided to take the exam on March 29, 2019 and in less than 3 hours I successfully passed the CISM exam. Allen's Super Review course gave the correct mindset that ISACA requires for there exams. Forget what you think the answer should be, you have to interpret these questions the ISACA way. I look forward to doing CRISC in the September window. Finally got my approved certification email and digital badges from ISACA on April 25, 2019.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Awesome product
Your review
I purchased the CISM SuperReview almost 5 months ago. After 5 months of studying all materials i could ever find in the market (books/videos/tutorials) i can definitely characterize that product as the most important one on my road of preparation towards my CISM exam. Not only the quality of the tool itself, but also accuracy and immediate feedback of the support team justify every penny of that product. Definitely recommended, regardless if you have 10 years of "information security" experience or you start right now!
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Tremendous Course... Helps at work too!
Your review
Found this course to be tremendously helpful not just in preparing to take the CISM exam but also provided valuable knowledge and tools that I used at work.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Excellent CISM online course !!
Your review
I purchased the CISM super review in August 2018 and follow-up carefully the course modules & also passed the required practice exams. After that, I felt really confident to take the official CISM exam and I successfully passed it in less than 4 hours, the 04 September 2018.

If you are looking for an affordable & efficient course to pass the CISM exam, don't search too long, this is exactly what you need to get.


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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
CISM Certification Super Review
Your review
I took the CISM exams on Dec 2016 and the CISM super review is the only prep tool I used. I spent about 4 weeks preparing and this is what I got.

"We are pleased to inform you that you successfully PASSED the exam with a total scaled score of 594.Your score was in the top 20 percent of those testing."

The results speaks for itself, this is definitely the best prep tool for busy professionals like me.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
Excellent setup for the test!
Your review
After looking through a couple other training sites, I came across this SuperReview. All I can say is this one nailed it!! Passed first try. Thanks Allen.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
History Repeated with CIS
Your review
Hi Allen, would like to share the good that CIS made it again. Yesterday i cleared the CISM exam with 42 min remaining for final review. History repeated exactly after 4 months of passing the CISA exam - May 24th - with a passing score of 599. A simple and very focused training material to build an Infosec Manager mentality and passing this tough exam. THANK YOU Allen. will approach CIS in the very near future for the ISO 27001 LA. Time to have some fun :-)
Regards Khaled ElJurf, CISA,CISM
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The Perfect Training
Your review
This training is very good if you have limited time to pass through the exam and need reference material. The books ISACA ask you to buy are just a dry read. I found this course material helpful & the best back is being able to reach out to the author with questions. Prof Keele corresponded with me from time to time, answered questions and provided advice. Thank you for a great training.
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Awesome course
Your review
The training material was extremely well thought out and deliberate in nature.   Unlike other courses, it focused on the topics you NEEDED to know.   I spoke to Allen 3X and he was always available, and always a gentlemen.   I'll be registering for my next course shortly.
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