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Certified NIST Cybersecurity Framework Lead Implementer Purchase Credit Voucher

Pre-paid voucher credit code valid for NIST CSF Lead Implementer certification resources at This pre-paid purchase voucher is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase.
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What is a "Pre-Paid Credit Voucher"?

Upon completion of your purchase, a custom purchase voucher code will be immediately generated and emailed to you.

This pre-paid purchase voucher is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase. Purchase vouchers are simply pre-paid coupons used to purchase normal subscriptions of training, practice exams, and certification exams as the candidate is ready to use a particular resource such as an online course, practice exam, or certification exam. The voucher is not the resource itself; it is used to purchase a resource later. Customers prefer this since it allows the customer to purchase the entire package of resources in a single billable transaction, rather than “paying as you go”. The voucher itself is valid for use for up to 180 days to purchase necessary resources. The vouchers have their own expiration since prices of resources will naturally increase over time. The voucher is not intended to be purchased today, to then be used to start the certification process over 6 months from now. This purchase credit voucher package includes all online training, practice exams, and certification exams for: 

  1. Certified NIST CSF Lead Implementer

How to use your voucher code

The custom voucher code we will email you can be used as payment for specific products and services sold through this online estore including:

To use the voucher code, you will simply complete a purchase for the above products (direct links provided) as usual at our online e-store, and enter the voucher coupon code in the "Enter your coupon code" field. Any credit remaining on your voucher will be applied to the sales price, and will be deducted from your future available credit. The voucher can be used as payment as many times as you wish until the credit balance is completely depleted, or until the voucher expires. 

Terms and limitations

Your voucher code expires 180 calendar days from the original date of purchase. Any unused balance upon expiration is forfeited, and is not refundable for any reason. Remember, your discounted voucher code may not be used to purchase products other than those listed above.

Recommended training and testing track

Each course, practice exam, and certification exam is "purchased" to provide time-limited subscription of access to the purchased resource. Access is "on-demand", meaning that the subscription to the resource only begins on the day it is purchased using a voucher code. Once the subscription access has expired, the only way to extend the access is to re-purchase. Please note - if a voucher is used to re-purchase an extension, the voucher value will be depleted accordingly, and will become insufficient to purchase all remaining resources required to achieve certification. The most effective way to maximize access is to only purchase access to each resource as needed. The recommended track for a certification candidate is:

  1. Complete the ISO 31000 risk management training and practice exams with these resources:
  2. Once the candidate completes Step #1, the candidate is ready to purchase and take your online certification exam corresponding to the previous course: Certification Exam #CSF101.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS! The candidate has completed all required training and certification exams for Certified ISO 31000 Internal Controls Risk Analyst (CICRA) and Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer. Completing the certification process requires purchasing and registering for membership with the CIS Body of Certified Professionals - New Membership: CIS Body of Certified Professionals.

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