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CIPS practice questions
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CIPS training practice questions

CIS is a registered CIPS training center now offering online practice exams to help you prepare for your CIPS examinations. CIPS examinations are expensive, and are only offered a few times each year. Get the preparation and training you need to ensure you are fully prepared for your exam!

Content Areas (TBD questions in total): 

  • Understand the range of both internal and external relationships in procurement and supply
    • Assess the roles of personnel within an organisation who may be involved in a relationship in procurement and supply
      • Procurement and supply and its interactions with other functions
      • Devolved purchasers
      • The decision making unit (organisational buying behaviour)
      • Account management
    • Classify the stakeholders in a relationship between purchasers and suppliers
      • Defining stakeholders
      • Classifying internal and external stakeholders
      • The RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) model as a classification tool
      • Communicating with stakeholders
    • Explain the appropriateness of cross functional working when making relationships in procurement and supply
      • Forming cross functional teams
      • The added value procurement and supply provides to cross functional working and internal marketing
      • Barriers to team working
      • Stages of team formation
      • Characteristics of successful teams
    • Assess the roles of personnel involved in a supply chain relationship
      • Definitions of supply chain
      • Examples of supply chains
      • The concept of supply chain networks
      • Stakeholder involvement in supply chains
  • Understand the contribution that marketing makes to develop customer and supplier relationships
    • Review the principles and definitions of marketing
      • The marketing concept
      • Market driven approaches compared to product or sales led approaches
    • Explain techniques associated with marketing
      • The 4ps and 7ps approaches to marketing
      • The marketing mix
      • Market segmentation
      • Market targeting
    • Explain sources of competitive advantage sought through marketing
      • Sources of competitive advantage
      • Competitor profiling and analysis
    • Explain the relevance of marketing principles to purchasers
      • Organisational buying behaviour
      • Applying the 4ps or 7ps to the work of procurement and supply functions
  • Understand the elements of a commercial relationship between purchasers and suppliers
    • Explain the main techniques for the profiling of purchasers and suppliers
      • The application of the portfolio analysis matrix
      • The application of the supplier perceptions and other matrices to procurement and supply
    • Classify the types of information that can be exchanged between purchasers and suppliers
      • Types of information exchange such as scheduling difficulties, demand forecasts, trends in costs and availability, designs and innovations and new product development
    • Explain how technologies may impact on a commercial relationship between purchasers and suppliers
      • Explanation of supplier and customer networks
      • The applications of the intranet and internet in commercial relationships
      • The use of electronic catalogues
      • The use of technology to exchange data



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