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CIPS practice questions
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CIPS training practice questions

CIS is a registered CIPS training center now offering online practice exams to help you prepare for your CIPS examinations. CIPS examinations are expensive, and are only offered a few times each year. Get the preparation and training you need to ensure you are fully prepared for your exam!

Content Areas (TBD questions in total): 

  • Understand the main implications of purchasing and supplying inventory
    • Classify the main types of inventory
      • Definitions of inventory and inventory stock management
      • Opening stock, work in progress and finished goods
      • Safety stocks
    • Assess the costs involved in holding inventory
      • Acquisition and holding costs
      • Methods for the valuation of inventory such as LIFO, FIFO, average cost and standard cost
      • The profit and loss entry of cost of sales and goods sold
      • The balance sheet entry for inventory
    • Explain the main techniques for the monitoring and control of inventory
      • Pareto analysis and ABC classifications of inventory
      • Dependent and independent demand
      • MRP and MRPII
      • Just in time supply and kanban systems
      • Consignment stocking and vendor managed inventory
    • Analyse the main techniques for calculating the future demand of inventory
      • Economic order quantity
      • Reorder point and periodic review systems
      • MRP and MRPII
      • The bullwhip effect
      • Service levels for inventory and working with sales and marketing
      • Qualitative and quantitative approaches to forecasting
  • Know the main methods for the storage and movement of inventory
    • Describe the principles of stores and warehouse design
      • Location of stores and warehouses
      • Stores and warehouse design
      • Factors that influence stores and warehouse layout
      • Flow, space utilisation and flexibility
    • Describe the use of product coding in inventory operations
      • Systems for product coding
      • Bar coding
      • Order tracking technologies
      • The use of RFID technologies
    • Describe the use of warehousing equipment
      • Materials handling equipment
      • Palletisation and unit loads
      • Packing and packaging
      • Environmental standards for packaging
      • The use of automation in warehousing
  • Understand the principles of transportation in logistics
    • Explain the main modes of transportation in logistics
      • Defining logistics and transportation
      • Modes of freight transportation: road, rail, air and sea
      • Transport planning and modeling
      • Reverse logistics
    • Explain documentation that relates to transport in logistics
      • Common transit procedure
      • TIR carnet
      • Uniform customs and practice for documentary credits and letters of credit
      • Packing list, waybill, consignment notes, bill of lading
      • Certificate of origin
      • Single administrative document
      • Electronic documents



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