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CIPS practice questions
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CIPS training practice questions

CIS is a registered CIPS training center now offering online practice exams to help you prepare for your CIPS examinations. CIPS examinations are expensive, and are only offered a few times each year. Get the preparation and training you need to ensure you are fully prepared for your exam!

Content Areas (107 questions in total): 

  • Understand the role and scope of procurement and supply in different economic sectors
    • Summarise the functions of the private sector
      • Definitions of organisations
      • The size and scope of the private sector in different economies
      • Functions of private sector organisations such as profit, growth, market share, share price, other financial measures, corporate and social responsibility
    • Analyse the role and scope of procurement and supply in the private sector
      • Sole trade, partnerships, registered companies, incorporated and unincorporated companies
      • Small and medium sized organisations (SMEs)
      • Multinational organisations
      • The roles of procurement and supply in the private sector
    • Analyse the role and scope of procurement and supply in the public sector
      • Defining the public sector
      • Central and local government
      • The functions of public sector organisations
      • The roles of procurement and supply in the public sector
      • Commissioning and procurement
      • Achieving budget savings and other sources of added value
    • Explain the roles of the not for profit or third sector
      • Defining the not for profit and third sector
      • Public accountability for the not for profit and third sector
      • The role of procurement and supply in the not for profit and third sector
  • Understand market forces that impact on procurement and supply 
    • Explain the implications of different types of competitive markets on procurement and supply
      • Defining markets
      • Perfect competition, imperfect, oligopolistic, duopolistic and monopolistic markets
      • The impact of market competition on the procurement of supplies and services
    • Analyse the principles of market demand and supply and how these impact on procurement and supply
      • Defining micro economics
      • Demand and supply curves
      • Shifts in demand and supply
      • Elasticity of demand and supply
    • Explain the impact that market factors can have on organisations
      • Market change
      • The impact of demand and supply on pricing and availability
      • The impact of product life cycles on demand
  • Understand the external environment and its impact on procurement and supply
    • Use analytical tools to explain the impact of the external environment on procurement and supply
      • The use of environmental scanning
      • The use of PEST (political, economic, social and technological) criteria or STEEPLE (social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legislation and ethical) criteria that impacts on organisations’ external environment
      • The five forces model
    • Explain the implications of economic criteria that impact on procurement and supply 
      • Macro economic criteria such as interest rates, inflation, exchange rates, level of economic activity (GDP/ GNP) that impacts on organisations
      • Micro economic criteria such as demand and supply that impacts on organisations
      • Explain the implications of political and legislative criteria that impact on procurement and supply
      • Political criteria such as stability and instability that impacts on organisations, different economic sectors and on countries
      • Legislation that impacts on organisations such as on standards, health and safety, environmental standards and employment law
    • Explain the implications of environmental and ethical criteria that impact on procurement and supply
      • Environmental criteria such as natural risks, waste emissions, pollution and energy efficiency that impact on organisations
      • Ethical and social criteria such as employment rights, community benefits, working conditions and standards that impact on organisations
    • Explain the implications of social criteria that impact on procurement and supply
      • Changing societal preferences, tastes and fashions, demographics, labour and fair-trade standards and how these can impact on organisations


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