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CCP101 Practice Exams (30 Days)

SKU PACCP101. Ensure your success with certification exam #CCP101. This subscription provides 30 days of access to the complete set of practice exams for certification exam #CCP101. Subscription duration is 30 days.
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Terms of Service: Unlimited utilization of this course is provided for a single user for 30 days in duration from the time of purchase according to the terms of Certified Information Security's End-User License Agreement. The subscription expires 30 days after purchase. Subscription time is not banked, and can not be "frozen", deferred, or re-scheduled.

CCP101 Practice Exams (69 Questions)

Exam coverage includes:

  • General compliance understanding
  • Laws, regulation, and other external business context influences that drive compliance management and control
  • Leadership requirements for compliance system planning, policy, and oversight
  • Establishing, managing, and performing compliance controls according to ISO requirements
  • Measuring the performance and effectiveness of the Compliance Management System and ABC Controls
  • Compliance Management System continuous improvement and corrective action

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CCP 101 practice exams is a must do if you want to write the CCP exam. It helps you grasp or understand material you may have missed in the training. It definitely prepares you for your certification exam
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