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Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply


    Course Duration: 

    • Module 1: 3 days
    • Module 2: 3 days
    • Module 3: 3 days
    • Module 4: 3 days
    • Module 5: 3 days

    Recommended Prerequisite Training

    • Level 4 - CIPS Diploma in Procurement and Supply
    • Level 5 - CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

    Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit

    120 cpeUpon course completion, we will provide you with achievement certificates totalling up to 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

    Train and prepare for the CIPS "Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply" 

    pdf-download CIPS 6The Diploma training and credentialing program addresses planning and forecasting for future demand, forward planning for contract development, negotiating volumes, margins and standards, creating and controlling specifications, and contract management. It also covers the supply market and chain, negotiating with suppliers, conflict resolution and performance review. Please view the CIPS Level 6 Content Guide for complete course content details for all four modules.

    Upon completion of the required pre-requisite training, "Diploma in Procurement and Supply Operations" and "Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply Operations", Certified Information Security can help you and your colleagues to complete your understanding and skills necessary to excel as a senior procurement and supply manager or head of department. When you and your colleagues attend Certified Information Security's certification preparation and training course aligned to the CIPS "Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply", you will quickly develop strategic acumen to align functional, organisational and supply chain strategies, and to devise and implement change management. The course develops your skills in areas including leadership of stakeholders, the procurement function, teams and relationship management, and project and financial management.

    Participants are led through 5 volumes (over 900 pages) of official CIPS course books by an experienced and qualified instructor who will bring the material to life, and make it relevant to the procurement and supply operations at your organization. Please view the CIPS Level 6 Content Guide for complete course content details for all five modules.

    The target audience for this training session is any senior management or purchasing & supply department heads. This program targeted at building strategic procurement competence, giving managers the ability to formulate strategic direction and advice, in terms of change management, stakeholder management and team leadership.
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  • pdf-download CIPS 6What you and your colleagues will learn

    • Leadership in procurement and supply
      • The main leadership skills and behaviors that are appropriate for improving procurement and supply chain management
      • How to create a communication plan to influence personnel involved in a supply chain
      • How to overcome common challenges faced by procurement and supply chain managers
      • The main methods to lead change in the supply chain
    • Corporate and business strategy
      • The concept of strategy in organizations in supply chains
      • The main elements of strategy formulation and implementation that impact on supply chains
      • How to implement strategies in supply chains
      • How to develop a plan for the development of the supply chain functional strategy
    • Strategic supply chain management
      • How strategic supply chain management can support and influence corporate and business levels of strategy
      • How different aspects of supply chain design can influence the supply chain strategy
      • The main techniques for achieving effective strategic supply chain management
      • How to create a plan to achieve effective strategic supply chain management
    • Supply chain diligence
      • The main implications of globalisation on supply chain management
      • The main aspects of the corporate environment and their impact on supply chains
      • The main financial aspects that affect supply chains
      • The main performance measures of the supply chain
    • Program and project management
      • The main aspects of major programs and projects
      • The main contracting issues for major programs and projects
      • The main approaches to the planning of major programs and projects
      • The main approaches to the control of major programs and projects
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