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This course fulfills all prerequisite training requirements for CIS exams #PFC101 and #FC102.

Step 1: Learn how to prevent and detect the most common fraud schemes relating to procurement of goods and services

This course devotes an entire day to learning how fraudsters successfully  sidestep typical controls to perpetrate:

  • Billing Schemes & Fake Purchase Schemes
  • Expense Reimbursement Schemes
  • Theft of Non-Cash Assets
  • Corruption and Collusion
  • Bid-Rigging

Step 2: Learn how to investigate suspected procurement fraud

InterviewingEven good employees sometimes do bad things. If your organization encounters an instance of employee abuse or fraud such as misuse of company resources, theft of assets, fraudulent disbursement, or other issues, investigation of the incident will require interviewing and interrogating employees. Such interviews require special preparation, documentation, and interviewing skills in order to resolve cases of internal fraud or abuse.

What are people hiding from you? Criminals, clients, customers and even colleagues may each be hiding something from you. Learn how to be more effective in asking questions and evaluating responses so you can better detect lies and uncover the truth. By enhancing your interview techniques, you will get more information, more insight and less deception from everyone you interview. Even experienced professionals will improve their interviewing skills with this renowned course.

This workshop will give you the knowledge and skills you need to effectively interview and interrogate witnesses, conspirators, and perpetrators potentially involved with incidents of fraud or abuse. Set into a practical workshop format, important concepts are reinforced through your in-class analysis of real videotaped interviews from actual investigations of two cases of internal employee fraud. Attend this training and learn:

Know your boundaries: Legal considerations for investigating and interviewing employees

  • Understand the science of communication
  • Do you know your legal authority for conducting interviews?
  • Can you use deception in interviews?
  • How do you avoid breaching the employees’ rights under law?
  • How do you avoid employee claims of breach of privacy, emotional distress, defamation, false imprisonment, or assault and battery?
  • What about trade union protection?

Understand the science of communication

  • What are communication facilitators and inhibitors?
  • What is the employee really saying with word choice, tone, and syntax?
  • What is the employee really saying with body language from the head, face, nose, mouth, eyes, arms, shoulders, elbows, hands, legs, feet, and posture?
  • What is the employee really saying with anger, boredom, frustration, and body movements? 

Learn how to prepare for the interview

  • How do you properly establish the foundation for your investigation?
  • How do you gather evidence and background information for the interview? Where do you get the information from?
  • What is the best venue and physical environment for interviewing?
  • How should you plan the interview for witnesses, conspirators, and perpetrators? 

Learn how to conduct the interview

  • What are 13 verbal clues of deception you need to recognize?
  • What are 10 non-verbal clues of deception you need to recognize?
  • What is the proper interviewing sequence and use of questioning? How do you open the interview, get good information, resolve contradictions or deceit, and close the interview?
  • What is the best approach to obtaining an admission of guilt? How do you help the employee rationalize what he or she did and tell you what truly happened?
  • Learn how to professionally conduct an interview in stages with the proper introduction and rapport establishment, information gathering, assesment questions, closing, and admission seeking.

Know how to report your findings

  • How should your findings be presented to company insiders, attorneys, defendants & witnesses, the press, or juries?
  • What is a good report structure for presenting your findings?
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